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Three new subjects which illustrate an important aspect of the mission of the Professional Association FIDJI: to smooth the integration of new technologies in the value chain of the real estate industry. These three interventions facilitate understanding of what is shaping the future of our industry.

Coralie COUVRET DEYDIER, Director of the Real Estate Expertise GALTIER and President of the IFEI, shares her analysis of the expert profession in Europe today.

Philippe GUILLERM, Deputy Managing Director Cushman & Wakefield Valuation and member of TEGOVA.

Speaker at the roundtable on real estate expertise told us about the evolution of services and software, including the new automatic AVM models.

This video by Gilles Cordon allows him to share his work on the maturity curve of innovations in the real estate sector. You will find this curve in the work published in 2018 by Eyrolles, “The digital transformations of corporate real estate”. He updated this curve for the main plenary of Real IT and aroused the enthusiasm of the participants. He also talks about the R2S label and answers a rarely asked question: why do GAFAMs stay outside the real estate industry?

The following two videos are in the real estate financial sphere.
The intervention of Arnaud BRIVE, PwC, gives us the point of view of an auditor from a large international firm. It explains why integrating data into a structured framework is necessary. He then lists the key issues for sharing a “Global Data Framework” in our industry.

The third intervention by Dominique STUCKI, Associate Lawyer Cabinet Cornet Vincent Segurel and member of Finance Innovation, addresses two very recent recent operational innovations: the DEP shared register under blockchain and the first crowfunding platform dedicated to rental real estate.

Finally, Arnaud and Dominique share with us their experience integrating new professions (data scientist) within their team.

In this video, Nourredine LAMRIRI, VP Product Marketing Everteam and AFNOR coordinator of the “ISO 13” working group on information governance explains why information (data) is essential capital in the real estate industry. The next edition of Real IT will take place on September 22, 2020 in Paris.

Frank Laplace, Administrative & Financial Director of TELMMA and member of the APROMA association of French property managers shares his experience on the value of the data he uses daily and on new digital professions.

In this video, Alexandra EMERY, Director of RICS in France, details the commonalities between our two professional associations, serving the common good of the global real estate industry.

Frank Hovorka, Technical & Innovation Director of the Federation of Real Estate Developers and Chairman of the Board of RICS in France who explains why it is important to industrialize data exchange in the real estate industry.

Franck LAUDET, CIO of ATLAND describes the recent evolution of IT directors who are now at the service of business strategy.

Yves SANCHEZ, Chief Executive Officer who became President in 2020 of Egide, clearly describes the current situation as well as the future of real estate software and information systems.

The second edition of the “Real IT” fair, of which Egide is one of the sponsors, will take place on September 22, 2020 in Paris.

Guillaume FIASTRE, initiator of the FIDJI concept, talks about the community of professionals who developed FIDJI, and why stars are still lit today in the eyes of its members.

Christian De KERANGAL, who goes back over the historical necessities which presided over the development of FIDJI, the Universal Data Format at the service of the common good of our industry. It also evokes its future.

Bernard BOULENGUIEZ, former Secretary General who has worked a lot to promote the FIDJI Association, looks back at the historical circumstances which presided over the development of FIDJI, this industrial “UFO” at the service of the common good of our real estate industry.

Blaise HEURTEUX, Founding Partner of HBS-Research, first speaker of the workshop on the theme “Is real estate park data a booty surrounded by privateers?”. He testified on the day “very enriching, which allows to exchange between professionals, to reflect on the challenges, to share a maturity and experiences”, at the service of the common good of our real estate industry.

Thierry DINARD, Development Director at SYRTALS presented the SWIFT international interbank exchange standard during the morning plenary. It’s very rewarding to see how other major international industries have implemented their data exchange standards.

Jean François LE TÉNO, Digital Director of GROUPAMA Immobilier, after his intervention during the large plenary session in the morning, testifies to his work of industrialization of data within a large French company which is one of the institutional investors of our real estate industry.

François Duong, Head of Transformation & Organization SWISS LIFE AM answers three important questions.
the real estate industry data greatly increase each year in volume, velocity and variety. The intervention of François Duong in the great morning plenary helped to better understand how do the players in the sector to promote their businesses with the new digital paradigm:
“Business processes that are modeled in our repository bring value to our customers … / … To build a repository it is important to have a standard, which allows to structure and share data with its international subsidiaries. We use FIJI. ”

Eric Bouvier, General Secretary of the FIJI association, takes stock of the day.
Continue together to grow the FIJI Association within the new digital paradigm to continue to be the key location sharing between professionals in the real estate industry.

Real IT event Other videos on the course of the day will soon be published.
Real IT Program June 13, 2019


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