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The FIDJI Institute

The FIDJI Institute, previously known as the FIDJI Real Estate Professional Association, was created in 2009, after 18 months of collaborative preparatory work. It is a joint initiative of French institutional real estate investors and industry experts.

For the past 15 years, the FIDJI Institute has been producing and enriching structured open-source data and documents dictionaries to support information exchange between industry players, including occupiers and asset owners in the public sector. The FIDJI Institute has developed four dictionaries: FIDJI ACT, FIDJI API, FIDJI DATA and FIDJI DOC. These are available free of charge to boost adoption across the whole industry.

The Institute creates digital, collaborative, and sustainable working practices serving the common good of the European real estate industry.

1. Today, all professionals in our industry, as well as their clients, wish to share and freely access data points that are essential to their daily operation of real estate assets. The FIDJI Institute is a resource for all players in the real estate ecosystem. It aims as being an enabler and a guide to the 21st century digitally convergent world triggered, among other things, by an increasingly cross-border context and the growing importance of addressing sustainability.

The FIDJI Institute has created, and field tested a three steps methodology to support the creation of new standardized data exchange flows matching real-life industry use cases. Experience shows that these new standards can be swiftly put in production and widely adopted.

2. The FIDJI Institute know-how on data exchange flows is a reference for the whole industry. Every year, the Institute organizes working groups that identify the data that meet the real needs of stakeholders and then validate the operationality of the semantic part produced by the pilots.

The FIDJI Institute produces 4 dictionaries that define and structure the actual data exchange between various players, for the benefit of their daily operational efficiency and the reduction of their risks. Many IT service providers (software companies, consultants, platforms and proptechs) have integrated these dictionaries into their own tools. These dictionaries are free of charge to be easily adopted by all, across the industry.

The Institute does not offer an unintelligible reference system, nor does it take credit for contemporary real estate digital convergence/continuity. Why not? Because it is first and foremost the players of the real estate ecosystem who are experts in their daily lives, of their practices and who are now calling for real estate digital convergence. Focused on their daily lives and operational performance, they do not have the time to study the expertise and information needs of other businesses, and rarely can explain their own information needs. In the past, this has led to numerous constraints (misunderstandings, non-productive tasks, mistakes) that still pollute human relations and impoverish information exchanges. The Institute fights against this form of ignorance which seriously harms the activity of our industry, and which has left a mark of disappointments and inconsistencies, in a great digital immaturity for a long period of time in the 20th century.

The Institute promotes healthy relations between the different actors of the real estate ecosystem so that they continue their development in a successfully way, by intelligently evaluating their present situation and developing their digital mastery. Any significant progress, or denial, in this necessary digital real estate convergence has consequences: it is the freedom of choice of each business to contribute to the benefit of their operational performance. Nothing is imposed but its adoption generates significant operational and financial gains.

3. The FIDJI Institute is a center of excellence offering resources:

  • on new usage, new regulations, or standards in the real estate industry,
  • on best practices for data and documents exchange,
  • on the digital service providers industry trends relevant to real estate.

The FIDJI Institute’s track record is made of incremental results that have proven their relevance and effectiveness over the past 15 years. While a “common digital language” could have seemed iconoclastic in 2006, it has since become an obvious concept to all. The growing number of FIDJI-based data exchange flows in operation today between various players in the real estate industry, contributes to increasing their collective efficiency and performance.

The FIDJI INSTITUTE, does not perform any commercial activity and, therefore, your support is needed. Membership fees are FIDJI Institute’s main source of revenues. Become an active member and join those contributing to the development of a digitally convergent real estate industry. Benefit from numerous advantages by clicking here to discover the benefits of membership..