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2018, the year toward projects and the international

Member clients and friends, the year 2017 was a great year for the association of FIDJI. A very rich year for several reasons:

  • new members (AFFINE and SWISS LIFE),
  • some new flows start in production (AFFINE and its experts),
  • a conference at the SIMI in collaboration with IEIF who did room fills
  • enriching workshops on topics very different such as blockchain technology, the relationship with the securities depositaries, and through sustainable development and the CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility, as well as the establishment of a working group on the evolution of the format for expertise by the method of the Discount Cash-Flow.

Your participation in these events and these actions demonstrate the relevance of our association and our approach to create and distribute a format standard, free, and more still to facilitate exchanges between the real estate players avoiding the heavy specific developments.

The format of FIDJI, which belongs to you and that is the result of your contribution is the undisputed leader in France of data exchange between investors and experts. We will continue in 2018 in this sense with the evolution of the format for integrate the DCF appraisal method and implementation of the FIDJI format within the ARGUS solution for an international.

For the relationship between investor and Property Manager, FIDJI format is the only standard that are to the satisfaction of our members like COVÉA Real Estate who use it with FONCIA IPM and soon BNP PM.

In 2018 we are starting a new project between a major investor of Real Estate and its Propery Manager. But other non-standard formats exist and are widely used by the PM with the obligation to redevelop every format for each customer. We must work in 2018 in collaboration with the authors of these formats to reconcile them with the standard and thus protect and optimize your investments as PM, editors or experts.

Real estate French actors evolve in a context more and more international, it is in this context that Laurent TERNISIEN in 2016 to desired the creation of the IREDEC structure that provides the link between professional associations in each country. 2018 will be the year of the first operational exchanges between Europeans, between the FIDJI model and its equivalent German GIF for a two-way exchange between two major French actors and German

We will therefore from theory to practice on a true real estate property, withoperational teams that expect a lot from these exchanges. It is for these international projects that Noah TESFAY joined the team of the FIDJI association with for first topic a workshop with the ALTUS (ARGUS editor) company on February 08 and a workshop with YARDI society in the first quarter

These workshops that met a great success in 2017 continue in 2018, the schedule is being developed. Some subjects are already planned (the discovery of the ARGUS solution – the discovery of the solution YARDI – a unique data dictionary internationally – the reporting guidelines and the new performance indicators – how to start a project of data) management – the presentation of PROTECH intending to revolutionize our industry, etc. We remain of course at your disposal to find other topics

The association is also a place of encounter and Exchange, in 2018, our new website will integrate a forum that will allow our members to freely exchange on common topics (which uses the solution YARDI in France? How to exchange with the German owners? Who has the experience of the ARIANE format? Who can advise me a Sales Force Integrator? etc.) because our close network does not always get the desired information.


Thank you for your support and i wish you a very good year 2018 under the sign of the digital and Fluidization of real estate data exchanges.

Secretary-General of the Association of FIDJI