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The blockchain applied to real estate

Blockchain concept can be summed up as a distributed database, in addition to being a term very fashionable, it’s in the first place a new technology which gradually takes its place in the new tools at our disposal.

Like every technology, she has a philosophy, principles and the constraints that we must know and respect to get the best of it, and this technology is nothing without the overall project which the utilise it (de la conception à la conduite dele de changement en passant by process changes).
Beyond the ‘Bitcoin’ which partly used, this technique and “Smart Contracts” which are the first concrete aspects we present during this workshop to revisit the principles of this technology with concrete cases of application in the sector real estate and on data exchange flows inherent in this process. To do this, three companies will testify during this workshop.

The AXA Group working on this technology in the context of its activity of insurer.
Stéphane DESSEREY (AXA Investment Managers Real Assets) will expose us a concrete use cases with gains expected beyond the marketing announcement;

SMARTEUM is a recent company who intends to implement in the real estate sector of the Blockchain-based solutions.
Bernard BLAUD and Nicolas LEREGLE we bring their visions of concrete use cases and Blockchain in real estate

With the company PARTENOR, involved in the blockchain, Frédéric LAUNAY will allow us to learn about concrete use cases of this technology in other area real estate;

Discover the content of the presentations of this workshop which took place on October 13, 2017 in your member space : 


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