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The challenge of CSR data (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The challenge of centralization, the control of CSR data and the various indicators: is Big Data truly up-to-date?

The indicators, ratios, benchmarks, all based on data that you have to possess, control, manipulate and provide, are characteristic of projects Big Data, Datewarehouse, data repositories, etc.
But where are we? What do we see in real life of societies? Is it a dream, a marketing ploy or a reality? To try to answer this question we asked two structures knowed for their concrete experiences for recovering information :

The Observatory of Sustainable Real estate who, for more than 6 years now, publishes the barometer of the energy and environmental performance of commercial buildings.
REAL QUALITY RATING, which launched a service measurement and analysis of the quality of real estate assets based on the collective intelligence of the players in the market in 2016.

What difficulties face these two structures for the collection and analysis of data:
• is through a single Exchange format (template)?
• Ask the original documents?
• What solutions really work?
• Use standard dictionaries facilitate the collection of data?
But as the association is not simply there to ask questions, but also to participate in the development of solutions we will also have a speaker who offers computer data collection tools:

DEEPKI aims to help its customers to digitalize their processes of management of the assets to get a clear view of their heritage, anticipate regulatory, track and prove their commitments and improve their operational efficiency internal with the promise to “say goodbye to manual entry.

Consult their testimonies through the presentations made during the session:.


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This workshop was held on Friday, September 15
in our office: 48 rue de la Bienfaisance – 75008 Paris